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Fairfax, VA (July 25, 2008) – Indisputably one of the greatest voices in rock n’ roll, Dion casts the spotlight away from himself and onto the first generation of rockers on a new album, Heroes: Giants of Early Guitar Rock. Specially packaged with a bonus DVD, Heroes will be released on September 30th on Saguaro Road Records, formed in June 2008 by Direct Holdings Americas Inc. Direct Holdings also markets and sells audio and video entertainment products under the Time Life brand, which uses it under license from Time Warner Inc. Hand-selected by Dion, the songs of Heroes includes 15 early rock classics and all of artists he pays tribute to have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

“It is a privilege for all of us to be working with Dion,” says Saguaro Road A&R executive Bas Hartong, “who both played a significant role in and watched the birth of rock and roll on and from the wings of many stages. These are groundbreaking songs, which have had a profound influence on several generations of major rock stars. Dion’s great voice, his stories and the exciting music will speak to the rock purist, the newest fan and everyone in between.”

Heroes is Dion’s own personal tome of an era that shattered all conceptions of music that came before it. The specially packaged CD and DVD set are alive with his vivid stories of the early days of rock n’ roll, and his reverence for the musicians is palpable. “I put a collection of my favorite songs and stories together,” says Dion modestly. “These are my Heroes.” Together, they play like a history lesson of the most exciting kind, bringing new life to the work of the greatest guitar innovators whose mark is still felt today. On the 50th anniversary of his first hit single, Dion felt compelled to tell the story of these musicians beyond just the notes on a page or the licks in a familiar tune.

Heroes is an homage to the innovators and pioneers of this era. “The band and I set out to capture the original intent, essence and passion of these first generation rockers,” explains Dion. “While we stayed true to the arrangements, approach and sounds, we let it rip – we didn’t copy the solos or simply take a snapshot of the songs. I want to give people a glimpse of who Cliff Gallup was; James Burton; and Scotty Moore, guitar innovators who infused fire into the music of Gene Vincent, Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley.”

There is no denying that Dion does his heroes proud; the performances are strong and riveting, with signature guitar work by Bob “Crow” Richardson and Dion himself, lovingly displayed on every song.

The accompanying bonus DVD reveals the deeply personal mission of the album. “Most of the songs on this CD I heard firsthand night after night and sometimes five times a day at the Brooklyn Paramount or the Apollo Theater,” reflects Dion. “I toured the Midwest for two weeks with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens – we jammed in the back of the bus for hours on end. These guys were not only great singers and writers – above all they were great guitar players.” A masterful storyteller, Dion’s memories of these heroes come to life in his dynamic narratives of time spent with and in awe of the guitarists.

Few can match Dion’s career that has taken him through five decades, amassing 20 Top 40 hits, 13 of them in the Top 20 and seven in the Top 5 including “A Teenager In Love,” “Runaround Sue,” “The Wanderer and “Ruby Baby.” He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

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  1. I’ve loved Dion’s music for over 50 years. I look forward to hearing this latest CD collection.

  2. Heard him do 3 of the cuts live at Mohegan Sun. Got to tell you they rocked, I mean rocked

  3. I saw Dion & The Belmonts perform in the late ’50’s and have loved him since.

  4. My 23 year old daughter who happens to be a huge Dion fan like myself excitedly called out to me yesterday that she saw online that Dion had released a new CD. I went to see her at the computer and we read the news. We listened to a part of Summertime Blues. The next words out of my mouth were telling her to find where it is for sale. This morning I went to the store and have been enjoying all day.The DVD was great, just hearing Dion tell the stories was something that would put any fan in awe. I was lucky to meet Dion several years ago after a concert when he was touring during the time ‘Deja Nu’ was stirring things up. He is as great as his music. Thanks for also including one of my all time favorites- ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Please Dion, continue to ‘Rock On’ for all of us.

  5. I purchased this album from iTunes and thoroughly enjoy it. Just be aware that I had difficulty opening the Album Booklet PDF document. Apple is investigating–it could possibly be a corrupt file.

  6. Sorry to hear Steve, let us know what Apple says. Thanks for your support.

  7. i have been a Dion fan since i see him in twist around the clock in 1961.i was buying Dion records ruby baby ;Donna the prima donna;i had them all.his music inspired me to become a musician and his book the wanderer guided me out in to the sunlight again.
    last year the man made time to see me after a night of amazing music in london.
    i have a few songs off my new cd Belmont avenue which was my way of saying thanks to a man who changed my life and lead me into the sunlight of the spirit.

  8. I work with a couple of Christian music radio shows in Nashville. Can you email me and let me know how we could schedule an interview with Dion?



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