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Edwin McCain is happy. Life’s been good to him and he is very much obliged. Millions of albums sold. Hit songs that never leave the radio airwaves. An unwavering fanbase that keeps him on tour more days out of the year than not. And – surprising even Edwin himself – not one, but two of the most enduring wedding songs on the circuit, his earnest and soulful delivery unlikely standouts amongst all the other contrived wedding fare. So when it came to recording a new album, Edwin wanted to share the songs he loves and that make him happy, hoping listeners will take a few moments along the way to discover, rediscover and savor some of the best vintage soul and R&B songs ever written.

So why would McCain – someone who has considerable talent at writing his own songs – choose to do an album of other peoples’ work? “For me, it was an absolute blast,” he says. “It was so much fun taking a break from staring into my own bellybutton, playing, singing, interpreting other people’s songs just for the fun of it. Purely for the joy of doing it.”

The idea for Nobody’s Fault But Mine had been simmering for quite some time. “I had a conversation with my friend Kevn Kinney (of Drivin’ n’ Cryin’) about five or six years ago, who said ‘you need to get a smoking band together and make a soul music album like James Brown,’ and I loved it.” Then last year, out of the blue, Edwin was invited by producer Tor Hyams (Joan Osborne, Tricky) to do just that. After culling through hundreds of songs, Edwin and his team came up with the 15 tracks for Nobody’s Fault But Mine. They enlisted Steve Cropper, one of the architects of the Stax sound and a founding member of Booker T. & the MG’s, as well as Joan Osborne (“I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”) and Ivan Neville to join Larry Chaney (guitar), Manolo Yanes (bass), Eddie Bayers (drums), Doug Moffet and Craig Shields (saxophones), Quentin Ware (trumpet), Steve Pierson (acoustic guitar on “Good Times”) and C.C. White and Chasen Hampton (background vocals) in the studio.

The band approached the sessions much like the originals, recording the tracks largely live in just one or two takes. “When we got to the studio, we were ripping through, recording a lot of songs in a short period of time.” A particular favorite was “T.C.B. or T.Y.A.” “It was one of my discoveries when searching for songs for the album, a real gift,” Edwin explains. “And the version we ended up with is amazing.” Exhilarating “Can I Get A Witness” and “Some Kind of Wonderful” were added alongside songs like the funk laden “Grits Ain’t Groceries (All Around The World)” and deliciously dirty “Ninety-Nine and a Half.” There’s even a “Happy Song,” resplendent in Stax-worthy horns.

“Some of the most fun in making the album was returning to the era and mindset of the songs,” Edwin recalls, “really understanding the beauty of it all, just the absolute and total brilliance of the music and capturing the spirit of it.” Upon listening to McCain’s deep, expressive vocals belting out the rhythm and blues, it’s clear that he and the songs are kindred spirits, finally finding each other and embracing in the reunion.

While radio fans may know McCain best for his smash hits “I’ll Be,” “I Could Not Ask For More” and “Solitude,” the singer/songwriter paid his dues in full by touring relentlessly early in his career. After releasing seven albums and selling over 2 million copies, he continues to perform hundreds concerts throughout the country each year.

“The album’s not meant to be heavy or overly contemplative,” sums up Edwin. “With everything that seems to be going on in the world, it’s nice to smile once in a while.”

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  1. Wow. What a great narrative about this album. I, for one, remember most every one of these songs. Steve Cropper being involved is icing on the cake. I met Steve with Jose Feliciano one day at TMI, and was impressed by both. I’ve heard clips from this new album, and they are both reminiscent of the originals, and yet have Edwin’s unmistakable touch. I often say I think he is one of the greatest songwriters/lyricists today, so I’m always looking forward to the next song written by him. However, this really is a special treat. And it will certainly put some extra glitz into his live concerts…… playing these songs live. Can’t wait to hear them! Edwin McCain has one again outdone himself. He never disappoints! I’m smiling already, and it’s not even officially released yet.

  2. Edwin is my favorite singer songwriter on the planet.It may be that I can connect to the his lyrics and emotion like no other. I hope as his new label you will get behind something like Honor Among Thieves, still one of his finest works combining beautiful lyrics with outstanding playing, especially the bass and drums which seem to have taken a back seat since. Just my opinion! Can’t wait to hear whole album!

  3. Wow. I remember the last time I Edwin and his band live. It was in the summer of 2006 at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego, CA. I remember getting on the 5 early to beat the traffic, getting there in time to find I could upgrade from general seating to right upstage! An amazing performance, my first Edwin McCain concert and unfortunately my last since then. He doesn’t seem to travel to far out west, but I’m extremely happy I finally got to see him live. I’ve been listening to Edwin for the better part of 2 years, only last year did I start to take what I’d heard from him and infuse it with my own song ideas. Now it is my dream to be a singer/songwriter as well. After serving 5 years in the Marines, it made me proud when EMB traveled out and played for my brothers and sisters. Not having been there myself, I know that those few shows he played will stay with them forever. And I totally agree with the other two postings; he is by far one of the greatest songwriters/lyricists of our time, if not the best ;) And I can’t wait for June 24th!! I know how excited I was for “Lost In America” and while Edwin has “put away” the pen and napkin (hahaha) for this time around, it’s awesome to have him back and playing timeless classics such as these. “Edwin, you the man!”

    Very Respectfully,
    Cpl Jesse Hake USMC

  4. Edwin never disappoints and I can’t wait to hear his take on these classics. I see him every time he comes to St. Louis and it is always an AWESOME concert. He’ll be here June 20 so I’m sure we’ll get a preview. YOU ROCK EDWIN!!! Keep the music coming!!

  5. I cant wait til the new cd. I listen to edwin just about everyday. . I finally got to meet him in fountain Inn , sc a few months ago. What a nice guy..

  6. Once again we are blessed to have another Edwin CD coming out. I have them all and the DVD’s too. If you dont, get them, dim the lights, burn some candles and soak it in. He is without a doubt one of the best singer/songwriters of our time and the biggest influence in my own music, Thank you! Cant wait to see you and Larry and the rest of the band in Orlando on 7/5, it’s been too long. Maybe we can have a jam session at the Kountry Krib sometime…lol

  7. Only 2 more sleeps until the new CD is released!!! I hope that pre-orders are already on the way (I bought 3). I’ll be (pun intended) seeing the guys for my personal EDWINFEST 2008 in Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and Dallas. Whoo hoooo-

  8. My husband and I won the great honor of seeing Edwin tomorrow in Indy at the WTTS FM Studios VIP private concert, along w/38 other fans, before his concert at the Vogue tomorrow night, and I cannot wait. Looking forward to hearing great stuff from the new release, and hopefully, a few old favorites. He is an incredible talent, an amazing performer and seems the sweetest fellow as well. Always a pleasure.

  9. Thank you Edwin for hours & hours of beautiful music to listen to. Talk about the greatest singer/songwriter in the world! We had the pleasure of meeting Edwin at a fundraiser last year in Oregon and he was absolutely charming. We spent time talking with him about music, children and just stuff in general. He’s so humble and just an all around nice guy. Can’t wait for the new cd to add to our collection of everything Edwin has ever done. The DVD’s are awesome and we’re hoping for another one soon…

  10. Edwin:
    Thanks for covering those great soul songs! You rule! What’s with the haircut? See ‘ya in New Orleans…….

  11. I read similar article also named Edwin McCain, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

  12. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Edwin before he became the artist.He has been a close friend ever since.I have watched him grow into the most talented,great guy ,who has found his niche.Music is a language that Edwin knows,its a big Math problem..lol.. Keep up the great work-I am apart of you.With deep friendship and love for a lifetime,your friend for life……cathy

  13. Hi While searching for Blogs about The Wedding Singer I found your site Edwin McCain. Thank you for the effort you have put in.

  14. What can I say about Mr. McCain? Awesome comes to minde but still doesn’t cut it. I first heard Edwin when he did a guest appearance on “Beverly Hills 90210.” I ran right out and ordered “Messenger.”

    I have gotten more into Edwin’s music. Damn, he is about the most talented guy to come into music in years. He makes me feel things that make me cry, laugh, and think. Much of the emotions he expresses in his songs are the same as mine…almost to a tee. As I am collecting his entire catalogue I enjoying this new ride. Only two musicians I call my favorites and Edwin is one of the two. Ace Frehley is the other, admired for his guitar skills rather than deep music.

    I am a guitar player and I listen to Edwin and his band and only wish to one day be so good. My dream is to learn to play some of his music and become good enough to jam with Edwin if we ever get to meet….a dream, but a fun one. Oh yes, I do play and sing “The Prayer Of St. Peter.” My husband loves to hear me perform it. The song just makes me cry.

    Two days ago I received “No Fault But Mine.” I noticed the songs were soul but didn’t expect what I heard. OH MY GOD!!!! Edwin literally kicked ass. I listened to the album six times in 24 hours and have been playing it frequently since. It made me feel so good to hear the old soul songs by people like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Some songs I had not heard since heard as a child….44 years ago….I am 48. The nostalgia hit and it also reminded me of my home back in Georgia…Yes, the homesickness set in and I cried a bit. If you leave the South you will get what I am saying. There is no place in the world like Macon, Georgia because of the great soul singers that came from there.

    Now to the quality of the music and Edwin’s singing. I enjoyed hearing him present us with another genre of music that he has given us. He has given so much of himself in every genre I have heard on his albums. He is amazing and when that man belts out those old soul songs I sometimes forget that Edwin is white. He rocks in the soul, the ballads, the rock, and the acoustic music. He has covered it all so well, so much more than any other performers. He is quite a special person and I hope he knows it. Plus, he is rather HOT!!! And he has one hell of a sexy voice. :)

    Since this is long I will close it but if I would not bug everyone I would go into how I love Edwin, his band, and the music. You have to love people who have such music inside their hearts. I connect to people like that since music rules my life.

    Love and Peace,
    Catherine M. Cheek

  15. Thank you so much for sending the sample “Walk with Me” CD by Edwin McCain. What fantastic marketing!!
    I have not heard about or known Edwin McCain before and I like him very much.
    I network with many wedding professionals and can’t wait to share with them this amazing Father & Daughter song.
    Is there an email in case they would like a copy before release?
    Mary G
    Wedding Director
    Bartlett Hills Golf Club

  16. Hi Mary, thanks so much for your support. Please tell your friends that they can download the single at iTunes!

  17. Edwin, i play guitar and would love to be able to stop laboring through “Walk With You”. i need to learn it for a friends daughters wedding being held May 22nd. could you be so kind as to forward me the chords. the song is mint. unfortunatley for me i have four sons and will never enjoy the father daughter marriage event. you rock. thanks . Bill Iannessa


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