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Nashville, Tenn. (July 7, 2009) – Fans of roots music have asked Patty Loveless for years to reprise the Appalachian sound of her 2001 Mountain Soul CD, and now she has.

Saguaro Road Records will issue Mountain Soul II on September 29. Like its predecessor, the album will feature Patty’s crystalline country vocals amid bluegrass-tinged instrumentation.

“It’s Appalachian, bluegrass and country combined,” says Patty of her upcoming collection’s sound. “You should never try to duplicate something like Mountain Soul. What you should do is enhance. So this is like a continuation.”

The first Mountain Soul CD was issued June 2001 and as a result of fan response, Patty Loveless was invited to perform on the critically acclaimed “Down From the Mountain” tour. She says that experience introduced her to a whole new audience.

“I was blessed to be able to expose my music to people who normally don’t listen to country music. They loved the more organic, roots-y thing, but they don’t listen to mainstream country. I met quite a few people who told me that. They kept wanting me to try and recapture that sound. They’d say, ‘When are you going to do another record like this? We love this album.’ I guess they kind of talked me into it.”

As before, Patty surrounded herself in the studio with a stellar supporting cast. Her husband and producer Emory Gordy Jr. recruited fiddler Deanie Richardson, Dobro player Rob Ickes, singer Jon Randall and harmony vocalists Rebecca Lynn Howard, all of whom had backed Patty on the original Mountain Soul. But Mountain Soul II has some new textures as well. Bluegrass greats Del and Ronnie McCoury participated, as did Vince Gill, Carl Jackson, Bryan Sutton, Mike Auldridge, Emmylou Harris, steel guitarist Al Perkins, Patty’s 16-year-old vocal discovery Sydni Perry and several other visitors to the Music Row recording sessions.

“We just had such a great time,” says Patty. “It was like we were singing and playing for each other. We wanted to try and make it live, as much as possible. There were no drums, so everybody gravitated towards each other’s inner rhythms. We started the sessions on a Monday, and we finished that Thursday evening. I had so much fun making this record that I didn’t want it to end.”

The repertoire on Mountain Soul II ranges from the traditional gospel tunes “Working on a Building” and “Friends in Gloryland” to contemporary compositions such as Jon Randall’s gorgeous ballad “You Burned the Bridge” and Barbara Keith’s soaring folk ode “Bramble and the Rose.” The daughter of a Kentucky coal miner, Patty restores the original mining lyrics to Harlan Howard’s 1962 classic “Busted.” On the Emmylou Harris song “Diamond in My Crown,” Patty’s vocal is accompanied by a harmony part from its originator. Emory’s co-written “When the Last Curtain Falls” is a honky-tonk masterpiece. The lovely melody of “Fools Thin Air,” penned by Susanna Clark and Rodney Crowell, is drenched in bluegrass harmony. The throbbing “Prisoner’s Tears” is backed by sighing steel guitar.

Patty Loveless reemerges as a songwriter on Mountain Soul II with “(We Are All) Children of Abraham” with Emory as her collaborator. The team also co-wrote “Big Chance.”

“It all just came together,” says Patty of the Mountain Soul II recording sessions. “It was like we were in my living room performing. I loved being around those folks. Having all of those people in there, you felt like you were at a really special get-together.”

Mountain Soul II is the follow-up to Sleepless Nights, Patty’s Grammy Award nominated debut album for Saguaro Road. To date, the singer has issued eight Gold Record albums, four of which have gone on to Platinum status. Patty Loveless is also noted for such chart-topping hits as “Timber I’m Falling in Love,” “Chains,” “Blame it on Your Heart,” “You Can Feel Bad” and “Lonely Too Long,” as well as such enduring fan favorites as “I Try to Think About Elvis,” “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye,” “I’m That Kind of Girl” and “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am.”

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24 Responses to “Patty Loveless II”

  1. OMG, I cannot wait! Thank you Patty & Emory and thank you Saguaro!

    And, thank you Patty and band members Deanie, Marcia, Garry, Tom, Pete,
    Matt, and Martin for a fabulous couple of shows last weekend in Maine! Hope to see ya’ll again soon!

    Cindy ((P))

  2. This is great news, Mountain Soul 2 is the answer to many of our prayers. I love the album cover, very artistic with rustic beauty and all.

    The track listing looks awesome, so glad “Big Chance” is included in the context of the Mountain Soul 2 lineup, a perfect fit. :)

    This whole project looks like it has all the makings of yet another Loveless-Gordy masterpiece.

    I have never been more excited about the impending release of an album in all of my 53 years…I feel like a teenager again!

    Cindy, I agree entirely, Patty was fantastic at both shows in Maine! And her band, first rate and top notch.

    Thanks to all, for the new album and for the spectacular concerts!

  3. i have loved her voice from the first time i heard it. i will always remember timber im falling – and how i played it over and over . today as i turn the grand old age of 55- listening to patty will always bring me happiness and just the feeling that everything in life will somehow be ok.
    will look forward to the new release. thank you patty for your beautiful music.

  4. I thought you guys didn’t want to call it Mountain Soul II? Thats why we offered our title suggestions. I can’t wait to hear this thing… Patty sure is a purty thang. Emeorory is a lucky man! I like Tonya Tocker as well.

  5. We decided the sound was so similar it was more like a volume II.

  6. Leonard says oh ok. I am steel looking ferwared to the albulm. It is going too bee good. I licked Patty’s last CD a lot.

  7. A similar sound to Mountain Soul is an incredibly good thing. We welcome Mountain Soul II with open arms!

    Thanks Saguaro, for opening it up and considering our suggestions, it was a lot of fun.

    When I saw the photo of Patty’s album cover with “Mountain Soul II ” beneath her name, the powerful simplicity of the title really hit me. It recalls an exceptional original, and the continuity of it all will act as a calling card to all who loved the first one.

    And the rustic beauty of the cover is artistic and simply breathtaking.( another mastepiece like the Sleepless Nights cover..) It looks like Patty’s inside the same building that she was standing outside of on the first Mountain Soul, symbolizing digging deeper and really getting inside of the heart of it all?

    Anyway, well done Patty, Emory and Saguaro. It is efforts like this that give sequels a good name!

  8. Leonard is so exceited about this albulm!!! When weill we git to heear a sample? Is thur going to be a singel?

  9. at first i wasnt sure if i wanted to even purchase it, but as i read more and more into it, i am beginning to rethink it.

    and i caught the ll bean festival and it was s great show.

  10. Cindy!! You went to Maine??? Barbara and I were there too. The Freeport show had a good group from PLN there too.

  11. Wonderful news, looking forward to the release of this CD

    Go raibh maith agat

  12. Great news, very much enjoyed the Mountain Sould CD and played it for many friends. Some where not interested in country music loved it, some not too interested (yet) in Bluegrass but many others of music and one very well know popular music guitar icon included, loved it! very much looking forward to it. Patty’s beautiful and strong voice fits so well within this type of music. In fact it was the first CD I bought by Patty Loveless. After that I bought a Country CD Greatest hits CD and I was not very impressed, gace it away. Will never part from Country Sould as it really has soul, while most Nashville modern country has not (except maybe for commercial soul…). Dennis, Brussels, Belgium (Europe)

  13. Hey, Bob J.! Bob and I would have loved to have seen you and Barbara in Freeport! I saw several couples on motorcycles and thought of you guys, actually. I think in the “Mountain Soul II” publicity photograph of Patty in the field, she is wearing the top she wore at that LL Bean show, as a matter of fact.

    You weren’t at the previous night’s show at Carol Noonan’s Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, were you? It was such a small venue that I feel sure we would have spotted you two! I did see Nicole there, who was with another couple of Patty fans; they all stayed at the same inn we were at. We hadn’t seen Patty in three years, so decided to treat ourselves for our upcoming 30th anniversary, and do a getaway weekend up there.

    What a thrill to see such fantastic back-to-back shows! Patty was in perfect voice and every musician, as always, gave top-notch performances as well. I can only hope that it is not another three years before we get to see her again. Fortunately, we’ll soon have another album to treasure! Life is good. :-)

    Take care of yourselves, B. & B.

  14. Got to hear this recently, very honestly, one of Patty’s best Records to date, sounds like she is really enjoying herself singing and there is a large cast of singers and pickers, fifteen songs. I really think that you will love it,

  15. It’s so weird because just this morning I was thinking, “PL should do more bluegrass,” and then I see on iTunes that she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MS is my most favorite PL record, and I am so looking forward to this one! She should just do bluegrass, bluegrass, and more bluegrass.

    PLUS it’s almost Christmas time, which means it’s Patty’s Christmas album playing non-stop. How about another one of those, Bluegrass & White Snow II ???????????? Please, please, please.

  16. I’m with you Pietro. Nothing in the world tops when she does Bluegrass.

  17. How is the record doing out there?

  18. I read over on the boards that Patty has been number 1 on the Bluegrass Charts for 5 weeks in a row with mountain soul ii! that’s really amazing, way to go patty! I am somwhat bummed that we never see any of that mentioned on here anymore.

  19. OH, and come on Grammy nomds! She deserves it.

  20. She is welcome to Bluegrass anytime. I have played her first Mountain Soul to my listener’s and I’m sure the will get this one too. I agree with DolyPFan, just like Dolly she is doing country like country should be done.

  21. I picked the cd up just last week and was once again blown away!!! There is no other voice in the world like Patty’s and I always get chills when I hear her sing……but boy did I get some chills with this one!!! Mountain Soul has been my favorite cd of hers to date…..and this just goes right with it. It is definately a continuation of something that has been long awaited by many. Patty has the ability and talent to sing pretty much any type of music that she wants, but I have to say that in my opinion, bluegrass/mountain/roots suits her voice the best. She can do things with songs that one never even imagined.

    Once again…..awesome job by an awesome lady!!!!!

  22. No mention of Patty’s Grammy nomination for Mountain Soul II? She sure has bad web presence all around. Hope we start hearing stuff on her here and on her own site again soon.

    Congrats to Patty! For those who have not read, Patty is nominated for Bluegrass Album of the Year at the Grammy’s! This means both record she recorded for Saguaro are now Grammy Nominated releases.

  23. Patty won the Grammy for Mountain Soul II. Congrats to Patty and Emory and everyone else involved in making this such a great record.


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