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Sleepless Nights “The Traditional Country Soul of Patty Loveless” debuts September 9

Nashville, Tenn. (July 9, 2008) – For those aching to hear the pure, lonesome tenor from the Appalachian siren of modern country, the wait is over. With her first release in three years, Patty Loveless is back with her 19th CD on a new label, Saguaro Road Records, formed in June 2008 by Direct Holdings Americas Inc. Direct Holdings also markets and sells audio and video entertainment products under the Time Life brand, which it uses under license from Time Warner Inc.

Produced with her husband and musical soul mate, Emory Gordy Jr., and backed by a Who’s Who of Nashville A-list session players, including Harold Bradley, John Hobbs, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Harry Stinson, Steve Gibson and Biff Watson, with background vocals by Vince Gill, Sleepless Nights features 14 titles that the pair culled from a pool of nearly 500 songs. This album of classics celebrates the many facets of heartache that make country music the diary of the common man.

“Emory and I were talking over dinner about recapturing some of these moments from my youth,” Loveless explains, “because I want to inspire and remind people of what country is made of. It takes me back especially to my brother, Roger, and my sister, Dottie, and the music they loved.
“It’s a little bit of a history lesson, but I think once you hear the songs, the stories … you’re going to be drawn to it,” continues Loveless. “People lived a little differently then, but at the same time, there’s a lot more in common [with today] than people would think.” Hailed by People magazine as “equal parts Linda Ronstadt and Patsy Cline” when her two-million-selling Only What I Feel was released, Loveless has always believed in honoring her upbringing. Born in rural eastern Kentucky to a coal mining father who loved bluegrass, Patty followed her roots all the way to the Opry stage after first catching the ear of Porter Wagoner when she was only 13. She released her self-titled debut in 1987 and has never looked back.

A CMA Female Vocalist and Album of the Year winner, Loveless has consistently set a standard for what country music should be with platinum CDs and chart-topping songs like “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” and “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye.”

As Time magazine once noted, “Her songs catalog every sin a man can commit, every pain a woman can bear. If you turn on the radio and hear a strong heart breaking, chances are it’s the one in that plangent Loveless voice …”

“These are great Country songs”, says Direct Holdings Senior Vice President, Retail, Mike Jason, but in many ways they transcend their Country roots by telling universal stories of love, passion and heartbreak.” “Patty’s beautifully plaintive voice and this album will speak to the Country music purist, the newest fan and everyone in between.”

On Sleepless Nights, Loveless draws on her vocal strength and traditional sensibilities to bring her own versions of these timeless standards to life. The title track is itself a bridge between the heart-wrenching Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris duet and the original, more obscure yet hopeful Everly Brothers’ version.

That is the beauty of what Loveless has always achieved: a seamless synthesis of what was, what is and what matters.

Whether it’s Webb Pierce’s cautionary “There Stands the Glass,” George Jones regret-steeped “Color of the Blues” or Hank Williams’ “Cold, Cold Heart,” these songs are imbued with a fire that consumes the listener.

And they are classics for a reason. Not just for what they say, or who wrote or recorded them, but also because of the emotional charge they carry. “I felt like I could dip into my own soul,” Loveless says of “Color of the Blues” by her dear friend George Jones. “It grabs a hold of you and won’t let go … and when you’re feeling down and out, that may be all you have to hold onto.

“That’s what makes country music stand out. ‘Don’t Let Me Cross Over’ is a cheatin’ line … and it was written by a woman, Penny Jay Moyer.”

In a world growing more complex, and at the same time more superficial, it takes some digging to find what’s real. It’s not always neat and tidy, but it is profound. For Loveless, that’s the essence of her role as a country music singer.


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About Direct Holdings:

Time Life and the Time Life logo are registered trademarks of Time Warner Inc. and affiliated companies, used under license by Direct Holdings Americas Inc., which is not affiliated with Time Warner Inc. or Time Inc. Headquartered in Fairfax VA, Direct Holdings Americas Inc.’s history began in 1961 as a direct marketing division of Time Incorporated specializing in music and books. The business has been operated as a separate company since the mid-1970s when it relocated to Virginia, and has since grown to become one of the world’s largest direct marketers of audio and video products throughout North America, Europe and Australia. The Company has set the standard in the direct response industry by pioneering direct marketing techniques and building one of the most trusted and recognized brands in commerce. The Company now also sells its products through major traditional and non-traditional retailers around the world as well as via the Internet. The Company was sold in 2003 to private investors. Saguaro Road Records is a trademark of Direct Holdings Americas Inc.

90 Responses to “Patty Loveless”

  1. I’m looking forward to her new album.

  2. I am very excited and anxious to hear this record! C’mon September!!!

  3. What a great talent and great person too. Can’t wait for the new album.

  4. You don’t even know how happy this makes me. I can’t wait for September. I can’t wait to see her live!!

  5. We are so looking forward to this album. We cover many artists, but we still have our favorites. To have one of the greatest female voices in country music cover some of the greatest songs ever recorded is an event we await with eager anticipation.

  6. I cannot wait for your new album Patty. You rock, I will definately be first in line!!!!!!

  7. She is my favorite female singer been waiting for something new and want to finally see her live,she is touring–yeah

  8. I understand that Patty Loveless and Vince Gill did a duet for the album. If this is true,do you have the songtitle?

    Thank you !! I’m looking forward to purchacing this album the day it’s released…

  9. Wade-

    Thursday, July 10, 2008 – Patty Loveless is gearing up to release her 19th album – a covers album – and first for a new label in September. “Sleepless Nights” will drop Sept. 9 on Sagauro Records.

    Produced with her husband, Emory Gordy Jr., and backed by Harold Bradley, John Hobbs, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Harry Stinson, Steve Gibson and Biff Watson, with background vocals by Vince Gill, “Sleepless Nights” features 14 titles that the pair culled from a pool of nearly 500 songs. The album is her first in three years.

  10. How did I get so lucky? Augusta, Ga and Newberry, SC back to back? I see 2 Patty Loveless concerts in my future. The only thing better would be if Stevie Nicks were singing with her. My 2 favorite singers of all-time on 1 stage. Oh, well…I can dream!

  11. Her 19th CD release! Now THAT is what I love about Patty Loveless; she is a virtual country music juke box! YOU GO GIRL…. and dont forget about us Northerners come tour time! ;)

  12. I am so excited about this CD. Any Chance anymore tour dates will get added??
    Thank you!

  13. Patty has 25 concert dates sheduled, 8 of which have been confirmed.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful news! I hope more get confirmed soon

  15. I know I have already commented, but I love the cover. Can’t wait to see you in NJ, Patty!

  16. I hit the floor when I saw Crazy Arms! and I cannot wait to hear what she’s done with She thinks I still care, only Patty! she is Country! will there be a single? and I have 9/9/08 marked on my calendar!, we missed ya, but we love ya more!

  17. This new record is going to be super!

  18. We’re so excited about this, we made a countdown widget for our website :)

  19. Will there be a single released? If so when can we expect it? I am just so thrilled! Thank you!

  20. I can’t wait for the MAC and PATTY LOVELESS !

  21. ‘Why Baby Why’ the single will be released 8/12, just a few weeks ago. Make sure to look out for it on the Saguaro Road Radio playlist this week. Thanks!

  22. I can’t wait for this new CD – long time fan from the beginning – she is the most emotional true to her roots artists with the purest vocal range – if you want to feel a song – listen to Patty sing – truly a treasure to her fans.

  23. I wanted to ADD – a BIG Thank you for signing Patty Loveless. She is a true artist, true to her roots, true to her fans, a Jewel. Her heartfelt performances, her delicate but strong gift of being able to pull the listener into a song, she will make you FEEL a song. Her live performances are mesmerizing. She can pull every heartstring you have with her unique ability to pull you into the ache of a song, the joy in a song. The heart and true SOUL she puts into her art is RARE and does not exist on country radio of today. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and hooked and haunted by her supreme ability to captivate and soothe my soul with her pure but STRONG vocal range. Hear the ache in her voice once – you’re a fan from that moment on. She is music and what music is supposed to be about.

  24. Thankyou Thankyou, for the awesome news…. this is the best news I ever could have gotten in a really dud of a year… Patty has been my favorite artist since I was 10 years old back in 1988. I’m so happy to hear that she’s giving us a new album!!! I can hardly contain my excitement, too bad I have no one here to share my excitement with!!! Oh well my poor friends and family will have to hear me ramble on in my excitedness until her album comes out and I can play it over and over and over again!!!! Patty I need a tour stop here in Canada!!! Calgary especially!!!!

  25. Saguaro…and I think that countdown is real cool, until: Sleepless Nights, Thanks !

  26. I hope it is okay that I post this here. I want Patty and Emory to see this. I don’t know how to write them. I apologize to everyone else that it is so long:

    Dear Patty and Emory,

    I hope you see this. I am a huge fan of both of your work, especially your work together. This is probably not the best forum to use, but I wanted to get this out. I know it is unusual, but I feel like I needed to do this.

    I am very excited about the new record and tour. I have become a huge fan. I have always liked Patty, but over the past three years I have felt a deep connection to the music. By buying a lot of records, I know how much Emory has to do with the sound and soul of the recordings. I like all of the songs I hear, some more than others. I especially like Mountain Soul. But all of it is the most authentic music I have ever heard. This is from someone who thought Clapton was God and wanted to sing like Robert Plant when he was younger.

    I grew up in the Northeast where country and bluegrass were not as popular as other music, at least among young people. We have two country stations, but neither plays what I consider true country music anymore. I listen to WSM in Nashville online when I can. So, It has taken this long to get to my soul. Because of both of you, it has me now. I don’t know how to explain it. I just wish that it found me sooner. I have always loved music, but didn’t know why. I learned how to play guitar (not so great, but enough), even though my family is not musical at all. I had an accident that ended my playing, at least professionally. For many reasons, maybe I call it soul sickness, I lost my passion for music for a long time. But I still listened.

    One day at work I heard “Where I’m Bound” on internet radio. Patty’s voice reached the bottom of my soul, grabbed hold and has not let go since. I had lost my father recently when I heard it and it helped me a lot. I finally realize that this is what music is supposed to do. Now I can’t get enough of it. Through the internet, I found other people across the country and world who feel the same way I do about you. I am sure you are aware of them. They are the people who cry at your shows (I haven’t been yet). It’s not the same crying young girls did when the Beatles first landed here 44 years ago. It’s different. You are bearing your soul through your beautiful voice. It blends so well with the music surronding it and we all feel it. The musicians you sorround yourself with feel it too. I am sure that is why they are with you. I try to share my love for your work and your gift with everyone I can. I have gotten many to join on. It tells me that your music is universal to those who are ready for it and who need it.

    I have asked myself many times why “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” feels like it has always been a part of me. I have never physically been Harlan. I don’t know anyone personally who has worked in the mines. It is because you have the unique gift of making it your own, then bringing us there with you and making us feel it with you. I feel like everyone has something that will bring them down if they let it. Everyone has something that will haunt them until they die. I do. Everyone has a soul.

    I haven’t seen you live yet, but I will finally get a chance to in October when you visit New Jersey. I made sure I got good seats. You may sign autographs or you may not at the show. If I do get to meet you (I hope I do), I will never be able to express in that brief time how much I love your music, how much I appreciate you sharing your gift with us and how much it means to me personally. I have a friend in California, who I met through one of the sites. She is 21 and she feels the same way I do about you. I have a ticket for her and I hope she can make it out.

    Like I said, you may not see this. If you do, thank both of you for everything. Thank you for all of your wonderful records. Thank you for staying true to your music. Thank you for the new record. Thank you especially for deciding to share it with us live. Patty, you are the best Country/Bluegrass singer ever in my opinion. You are my all-time favorite singer of any genre!!! Thank you every musician that has ever recorded or toured with Patty. Thank you for helping me reach my soul again.



  27. I am counting the days until the new release…Having some sleepless nights in anticipation..:)..The songs are going around in my head…I have been seriously missing Patty…I can’t wait!

  28. I am thrilled by this news! It’s been way too long since “Dreamin’ My Dreams”. The fact that this in an independent label release means that Patty can now pursue whatever she wants, in her own way.

    She has been missed, and I will be pre-ordering “Sleepless Nights” today!

    Patty is the Queen of Mountain Soul – long may she reign!

    Dean Eaton, longtime Patty fan

  29. I just bought the new single from iTunes! Make sure you buy it and request it on the radio!


  31. cant wait for the new album, hope i get to see you in prestonburg in november

  32. Dear Sir,

    It would be great to give attention to Patty’s new album Sleepless Nights in my radio show “WF Country” in The Netherlands.
    WF Country is a 2 hrs weekly radio show which is airplayed every Thursday evening from 19-21 hr and consists of one hour traditional country and one hour bluegrass.
    We have a live stream on
    I hope you’ll find it interesting and if so, I can send you my address.

    Pete van Mourik, programmer/dj

  33. Girl , I have been checking on you every now and again and I am so happy you are coming out with another cd! We have missed you! You have always been my favorite female singer. I am 43 years old and I miss the country music we use to hear. Alot of it now sounds like old rock. That is why this cd will do very well. You just wait and see! I want to thank this record label for signing you. If you have street teams or anything I can do to help, please let me know. I live in Mo. and would love to see you come this way. Looking forward to hearing your new cd, and we have really enjoyed your music over the years, so thank you Patty and keep up the great work!
    Your friend, Ronda :)

  34. I’ve been listening to the album at the listening party on CMT’s website. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. “Sleepless Nights” has got my vote for Album of the Year. I’ve preordered it at iTunes and can’t wait until Tuesday comes so I can get it.

  35. The iTunes album includes 2 bonus tracks:

    We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes
    If Teardrops Were Pennies

  36. Please may I be forwarded a CD Album PROMOCOPY of
    Patty Loveless Sleepless nights

    Merci !


    Jacques du-Velodrome
    (Country Music Assocition Awards voting member No 107197)
    (BMI) member No. 674904
    Canadian Country Music Association awards voting member No. 7919A
    ACM member
    A.F.M.Local 257 member No 30193

    Please forward CD PROMO To
    Jacques du-Velodrome
    1 – 1119 Thurlow Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    V6E 1W9

  37. I cannot wait unitl tomorrow. I saw Patty on Opry Saturday night and she so ROCKED!

    She is one of the best if not the BEST female country entertainer!

    Go Patty!

  38. Patty………Saturday on Opry when you mentioned your new album I could not be more thrilled. On my ipod I have 488 of my most loved songs from the past….a few of the new ones….but mostly old, sad, love songs. I have a lot of Webb Pierce songs like There stands the glass, etc. Why baby Why is on there also. I have hand picked them from all of my old CD’s plus a lot that I have downloaded on i-tunes I had on 8-track and cassetts. I have my songs copied down and I would just love to send a copy to you. I will be sending Ralph Emery a copy as I know he would get a kick our of knowing there are some of us that think the older songs are much more beautiful than what you hear as of lately.
    Thanks for all you do for country music.
    Janet Lerouzes

  39. I sure love here you talk tonight on raido show i was there and i really love here you talk about old time country. But when got pic take with you it made my night and i was so bless .
    thank you very much May god bless you

  40. It’s 1:00 am here in California and I could not wait so I bought the Mp3 CD on Amazon, and I’ll buy my 2 hard copies (1 for house, 1 for car) at work tomorrow (Barnes & Noble), all I can say is AMAZING!!!!, Patty you have never let us down!, Thank You Sagauro for brining this amazing talent back to us.. and the reviews have been incredible! hope to see you California soon! Love and God Bless You!

  41. I just heard Patty’s new CD and it’s awesome. There’s Patty and Emmylou Harris and then there’s everyone else. Can’t wait to see her in Oct.
    Go Patty

  42. I have looked at Target and could not find the new record. Rebecca Lynn Howard’s was in stock, but not Patty.

    The new record is great. I love Patty Loveless more than any singer I have ever heard in my life.

    To Saguaro Road Records, thanks for allowing Patty and Emory to create this magic!!!

    Any word on how the record is doing???

  43. The record is doing great thus far. Sorry you couldn’t find it, we’ll ask our retailers to keep handy stock. Remember to download the two bonus tracks on iTunes.

  44. Thanks! That’s super to hear from you guys!

  45. It would be wonderful if Saguaro Road had the resources to release “Sleepless Nights’ on vinyl. Given the fact that most of the songs are from the 50’s and 60’s, the warmth and fullness of a vinyl recording would fit perfectly. Moreover, the record was made using vintage 50’s microphones, which would enhance the feel of the record on vinyl. Wtih the new 180-gram vinyl technology, this would be a knockout.

  46. I bought the CD- was hoping there would be a code to download the bonus tracks as when I have purchased from Yep Roc Records. I’m not so keen on being required to go to iTunes. Love the new album, though.

  47. Thanks for all your support.

  48. I’m happy to hear Patty did well on the country albums charts and the iTunes country chart this week!

    Saguaro Road should be commended for promoting Patty!!!

  49. The new video for “Crazy Arms” is great!!! I love Patty Loveless more than I can express and now Saguaro Road Records for being so good to Patty.

  50. Sleepless Nights is everything we hoped it would be (no surprises there). What are the chances of a volume II? …Can we start making out a song wish list ????? :) Thanks for this great music

  51. Yes, wish tracks would you like her to cover next time around?

  52. I caught Patty at the Birchmere recently. AN excellant show. I also saw her 3 years ago. I think that her voice has improved greatly. You can really tell when you listen to her new album. The song selection was very strong. I especially liked the title song. I have never heard the Everlys version but I sure would like to. I am looking forward to hearing the new Orbison box.

  53. Thank God Patty Loveless is still recording and touring. Her voice is such a gift, and she shares her heritage unabashedly and authentically. Thank you, Patty, for remaining committed to REAL country music – not the pop stuff that has seduced young listeners. Here’s hoping your voice will remain strong and your spirit generous enough to patiently bring those who have wandered back to The Fold. I admire you on so many levels.

  54. We saw Patty in concert last night and she was amazing. Her voice was in great shape, her band was kick-ass, and she was having a ball, as was the audience. Of course she did tunes from the new great new CD and the old hits and except for She Thinks I Still Care and Sorrowful Angels, she did all my favorites
    This was the secong time we’ve seen her, the first was in the 90’s opening for Vince and like a fine wine, she just gets better with age
    Patty, you rock

  55. Bought it and love it. She is one of the best. My husband says she and Vince were just showing off. You can’t get better harmony…

  56. We saw Patty in Morristown, NJ last week. It was my first time seeing her. Patty’s voice was so pure and strong. She is amazing! The band was great. They were great together. Her voice is magical. That was the best concert I have ever seen. I got to meet her afterwards and she was very sweet and gracious. There is no other performer with more class than Patty. I am hoping some young performers watch and listen to Patty. I can’t get enough of Sleepless Nights. I didn’t think I could love an album as much as I do Mountain Soul. But Sleepless Nights is there with it. I am in awe of her, especially after seeing her perform and hearing her live. Patty, Thank you for showing us what country music is supposed to be. Saguaro, thank you for signing Patty. Wow, I could write forever about how great Patty is.

  57. I’ve got front row seats for the Patty Loveless show next weekend, “Sleepless Nights” till then !


  58. WOW. What a weekend. Friday night was spent at the Imperial Theatre in Augusta, Ga. and Saturday at the incredible Newberry Opera House in Newberry, SC.

    The same concert, the same GREAT singer, but how much fun can you have in a weekend?

    The Newberry show was more light-hearted with banter back and forth from an over-zealous fan and Patty. Just a wonderful way to spend a weekend with one of the best voices in any form of music. Only Stevie Nicks can compare.

    Thanks for a wonderful performance go to Patty and her incredible back-up musicians. They all looked like they had as much fun as the audience did.

    I look forward to the next tour!

  59. I’ve had a few days to listen to and play along with Patty’s latest CD and it is wonderful. I’m a pedal steel player and a big fan of more traditional country arrangements than most of what gets airplay today, so this collection is right up my alley. Patty Loveless has always been one of my favorite performers and I can’t think of anyone better suited to sing these timelss country classics. All of the tracks are excellent but ‘Crazy Arms’ and the title track, ‘Sleepless Nights’, are sublime.

  60. It’s been almost two months since the release of Sleepless Nights and I continue to be amazed by this album. If Patty ever does another project like this, my wish list would include Seasons Of My Heart (Georges Jones), Wishful Thinking (Wynn Stewart) and Don’t Worry (Marty Robbins)…..for starters :) Thanks again for all this great music!

  61. Patty is awesome, I have known her for years and what you see is what you get. Great music, awesome performer and will always be a major part of country music. Go Patty and Emory

  62. To Attn.: Marketing and Promotions at
    Saguaro Road Records

    Please may I be forwarded Mrs. Patty LOVELESS’s new Sleepless Nights long play album CD PROMO along with CD single PROMO of CRAZY ARMS and other related singles plus official clips as DVD PROMOs.

    Merci !

    Please forward to
    Jacques du-Vélodrome
    *memberships with: CMA Awards No. 107197 No. 7919A
    (BMI) # 67494
    afm Nashville’s Local 257 # 30193

    1 – 1119 Thurlow Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    V6E 1W9

  63. The new tracks released today are great! Love them!

  64. P.R. rep: I’m officially requesting a review copy of Patty Loveless’ “Sleepless Nights” for a critique in our upcoming issue of The Nashville Musician newspaper. We will furnish tearsheets to Suguaro Road Records, the singer and her producer, Emory Gordy, Jr. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, Walt Trott, Editor (615) 868-3248, The Nashville Musician, P.O. Box 477, Madison TN 37116

  65. Saguaro, if you are taking suggestions to run by Patty and Emory for their next project, how about the old Leona Williams song “You Take Me for Granted”?

    I heard an old performance by Sara Evans of this song, and she did an amazing job on it. And it really reminded me of something that Patty could do as well…sounds SO much like something that would have fitted seamlessly on Sleepless Nights..It would be great addition to a future Patty Loveless record!

  66. Duly noted, thanks Steve!

  67. Thank you, Patty and Emory, for a 19th album of pure heaven, and to Saguaro Records for providing the “venue,” as it were.

    Since I rejoined the workforce several years back, I have unfortunately been out of the Patty loop; I only found out about the new record early in December….but thank goodness I did! It is right up there with all my absolute favorites, which all of Patty’s records are, actually!

    To Patty & Band: since we havn’t seen you live for three years, I hope you will be able to visit again at Indian Ranch, the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun, or perhaps even Cape Cod Melody Tent or South Shore Music Circus.

    I still play all your music constantly, and am so grateful to have “Sleepless Nights” to add to my selections! Love you, Patty & Emory!!!

  68. Congrats to both Patty and Saguaro Road Records for all of the year end nods!!!

    I love you Patty and Emory!!!

  69. Patty,

    We just saw you in New York. Even though the towns change, you bring Ryman class and Ryman charm wherever you go. The view of the city from the Allen Room was impressive, but nothing is more impressive than your pure, soulful performance. Cheers to you and Emory for making that masterpiece and the band for bringing it to us. You desrve the Grammy. I have only seen you twice, but both performances were the best I have ever seen.

    I am with Cindy from Cape Cod, please come to New England and bring your charm with you. You are the best!

    Jim from CT

  70. What a wonderful collection! That said I wish you had included one of your most soulful and soaring classics: “After All”. Please consider it for a future release.

    I talked to you at the Missouri State Fair in 1986 and I’ve been hearing echoes of “After All” every time I hear you sing or hear your name ever since. For me that is your signature masterpiece…

    Love and Peace,

  71. Really love “Color Of The Blues.” Any plans for a video?

  72. I love Sleepless Nights and hope she has another masterpiece in the works or on her mind. A follow up to Sleepless Nights would be awesome perhaps of her and Emory’s favorites from the pool of material they chose tracks from for Sleepless Nights that would be their second picks or a Mountain Soul II – then again – anything from Patty would be incredible. I am so glad she is back and congrats to her and Emory for the grammy nomination – I think she should have won but being nominated was great – I am so proud of her and so glad she was nominated. She is a true classic and will always be a timeless classic. I am so glad she is touring again and wish her all the best- hope she comes close to Richmond, VA this year.

  73. I was wondering if sometime this year Patty was going to be putting out a more mainstream country album?

  74. Yes, we’re working on this. Cross your fingers!

  75. I’m with Jim from CT and Cindy from Cape Cod with another request for Patty to come back to New England.

    But it looks like our wishes have been granted with two Maine dates scheduled for July 3rd and 4th!

    Cindy, I grew up in the town of Dennis on the Cape, and I agree…Patty singing at the Melody Tent would be awesome! Open air, Summertime fun!

    The Lowell Memorial Auditorium would be great as well…Beautiful, intimate theater type venue with great acoustics. I saw Sara Evans and Trisha Yearwood there and they loved it, and I bet Patty would too!

    Just some subtle hints here from some of Patty’s New England fans!

    Patty, I saw you in concert for the first time this past October in Morristown, NJ, and like Jim from CT said, it was the best concert I have ever seen by ANY artist…and now I’m looking forward to seeing you in Maine this summer, hopefully for both concerts. I am so glad you are touring again, and recording as well…Sleepless Nights is nothing less than another masterpiece from you and Emory, and I listen to it over and over again. Congrats on another very well-deserved Grammy nomination, I have three of the five nominated albums, and Sleepless Nights is by far my favorite, and would have been my clear choice to win. “House of Cash” too, is brilliant, and deserved to win.

    I think you are the best thing to happen to Country music in a long, long time.

  76. Love the new cd! i hope to hear some more bluegrass from Patty soon too!

    FYI, just to help out some other commenters on here: I’m pretty sure Saguaro is not who books Patty’s dates. Booking Agency/Management are better bets to get her in certain areas. You can also put a bug in the ear of the venue as well :) Just some tips!

  77. Good point Mark, thank you.

    We were just throwing our hints out there for anyone who would listen. :)

    It’s a huge country with a lot of territory for an artist to cover, and I give them a lot of credit for covering as much ground and reaching as many fans as they do.

    I am just grateful that Patty scheduled some of her concerts within driving distance…still, it would be nice to have her in our neck of the woods!

    I think I’ll give the Lowell Memorial Auditorium a call, thanks for the advice! ;)

  78. Great idea Mark! Hmmm, let’s see, should be making some calls today to the Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, Innsbrook After Hours, Glen Allen, VA, Amphitheater, State Fair of VA, oh how I wish…………………

  79. please submit the Sleepless Nights artwork to Apple itunes. Great CD!

  80. I haven’t checked the Saguaro site for awhile, so thanks for the news about the Maine tour dates. I’ve sent off an e-mail to find out if any of those “getaway” packages are still available…anything to see Patty! :-)

    Steve, I grew up in Bourne. My hubby and I lived in NH for five years, then moved back to the Cape in 1984, and we have lived in Falmouth ever since.

    Hey, Wanda: I think your last name has changed, but I’d recognize your Patty patter anywhere! It’s me, Cindy ((P)), remember when we used to share “Mommy stories” a decade ago in our Patty world? Patty brought many of us together through her music, and oftentimes it only took hearing her voice on the radio a few times for those listening to yearn for more, buy all her albums, and become fans for life….at least that’s how it happened for me!

    Great news about activity on another record in the works. As usual, I “Can’t Get Enough” of the music of Patty and Emory. Thank you, Saquaro!

  81. Cindy!!!! Yes I remember you and our mommie stories! Holy Cow! It is so great to meet up with folks you haven’t talked to in a long while! Yup my last name changed and I have to Patty patter – I’ve been Patty pattering 4-ever as you so well know- it’s like an addiction – but a good one. I’m still in VA, I have 2 kids, 16 and 11 both going on 21 and both loving Patty’s music too – but mostly when I’m not looking – cuz ya know it would kill them if they knew I knew they listened to Patty and loved her. Isn’t it so exciting for Patty these days? The new cd, the grammy nom, all the extraordinary reviews and articles out there – I am in heaven and so proud of her. I can’t wait for the next project! Great meeting up with you again Cindy – hopefully some day we can finally meet in person at a Patty show – I know I’m making the show in Charlottesville VA and really praying to be able to attend some others, I’m just so glad she’s touring again! You take care! Wow – this is great! It’s been years! Patty’s music does wondrous things doesn’t it!

  82. I’m looking forward to the Melbourne, Florida show! It’s been so long since I have been to a Patty show and I am so excited!!!

  83. I’m so looking forward to the new record from Patty!!!

  84. So……what happened to Patty’s official site? Poof it has disappeared. Also, I hear there is a new album coming out.

  85. From what I heard, Patty was part of a thing with Echo Music, where they kind of let go of 100-200 Echo Music Clients.

    the main Fan Patty website, has a thing up on the main page that has a link to the articles about what is happening with Echo. That might help explain it better than I’m trying to explain : )

  86. That link that Mark posted leads to the best Patty Loveless site on the internet. I think anyone who used to read or post on the official site would feel welcome and right at home there. ;)

  87. We have “Sleepless Nights,” but are still waiting to play “Mountain Soul II”. Did Hillbilly at Harvard fall off the list? There are a lot of Patty fans in the Boston market, and the local pop country station won’t play “Mountain Soul II”. Patty Loveless is one of the most played artists on our show.


    Cousin Lynn Joiner
    “Hillbilly at Harvard”
    389 Harvard St.
    Cambridge, MA 01238

    Founded in 1948 by Pappy Ben Minnich
    Saturdays 9am – 1pm Eastern
    WHRB-FM, Cambridge, MA
    Streaming at
    Be there!

  88. Oops! Stick ‘WHRB-FM” in that address!

    /Cousin Lynn

  89. I absolutely love the bluegrass CD’s that Patty Loveless has made. Hope to see many more in the future!


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