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New Album Reconstructs
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My Turn
Due June 2nd, 2009

Fairfax, VA (March 6, 2009) — One of country music’s greatest stars, Tanya Tucker, has just finished recording a new album, My Turn, to be released on June 2, 2009 on Saguaro Road Records. Few can match the emotional range of Tucker’s vocals or the extraordinary career that began when she landed her first Top 10 hit on the country chart at just 13. On her new album Tucker takes classic country songs originally recorded by the all time great male legends of the time and turns the tables, giving classics such as “You Don’t Know Me” and “Oh, Lonesome Me” a powerful reconstruction from a woman’s point of view.

“Tanya is one of the few country superstars able to deliver searingly honest country songs and still relate to fans of every age and musical interest,” says Saguaro Road Senior Vice President Audio & Video Retail Mike Jason. “She is a one of a kind artist and personality and epitomizes what we at Saguaro Road are all about.”

Working with producer Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, Michelle Shocked), Tucker selected songs from her childhood that inspired her career and completely transformed their delivery and meaning with her inimitable earthy, passionate and unflinching style. Tucker reworked classics such as Buck Owens’ “Love’s Gonna Live Here” (featuring Jim Lauderdale), “You Don’t Know Me” by Eddy Arnold, George Jones’ “Walk Through This World With Me” and even invited The Grascals to join her on a flip-flop of the Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn duet “After The Fire Is Gone.” Bluegrass stars Rhonda and Darrin Vincent also appear on the album and producer Anderson does double duty, playing guitar on each track.

”I always knew Tanya was a great singer,” said Anderson, “but not until she went up against the classic country songs and singers of all time did I realize that she is one of the greatest alive ….she made these songs her own.” “I am extremely proud of the record we made,” he added.

“I picked the songs my daddy always wanted me to sing,” explains Tucker. “This is really a tribute to him because he was with me throughout my entire career. He’s now with God above but I know he’s watching over me still and loving these songs and this record.”

The power of Tucker’s recordings is palpable as she wrings new, unexpected and tough-as-nails emotion from lyrics like Merle Haggard’s “Ramblin’ Man”; “But I don’t let no no man tie me down, And I never get too old to get around. I wanna die along the highway and rot away, Like some old high-line pole, Rest this ramblin’ fever in my soul.” And when Tucker sings “Is Anyone Going To San Antone,” she turns it from heartbreak to acerbic; “Wish he hadn’t done me that way, Sleepin’ under a table at a road side stop, Well a woman could wake up dead, Still it seems a warmer than it did, Sleepin’ in your king size bed.”

Only 13 when her provocative “Delta Dawn” caused a nationwide stir and became a Top 10 country hit, Tucker has built one of the most successful and compelling careers in music. Considered one of the very few females of the “outlaw” country movement, she holds a Grammy award, two Country Music Association awards, Two Academy of Country Music awards, and three CMT Awards. 23 of her albums have landed in the country Top 40 chart since her 1972 debut, and she has amassed 10 #1 country singles, 33 that have reached the Top 5, and 41 in the Top 10.

27 Responses to “Tanya Tucker”

  1. Tanya has always been able to take any song and make it hers. She has more talent in her little finger than most performers have in their whole body. Some new singers have tried to copy her, but they can’t even come close. There is only one Tanya Tucker. I hope all of these songs turn out to be #1 hits for her. Kathytanya

  2. This should be HOT, HOT, HOT! Can’t wait! Can we pre-order?

  3. Yes you can preorder on Amazon on a few weeks. Thanks!


  5. WA HOOOOO!!!!!! Tanya Tucker fans rejoice!!!!!!!!! We love ya, Tanya, and can hardly wait for this new release!!!!!!

  6. If Tanya has tour dates posted anywhere let me know! I vowed to see Patty Loveless this year, and I would like to add Tanya to that as well!

  7. Tanya Tucker is my Idol!!!
    I wasn’t exactly around when she was first discovered and I wish I were.
    I can’t wait for this new album to come out, I have been waiting for a new album forever.

    Can’t wait.

    It will be great to hear her on the radio again. Maybe one of the videos can include one of the original artists.

  9. It sure has been a very long time since her last CD and I’m really looking forward to this one. If it gets as far as radio, I hope they play the dang thing.

  10. Tanya’s new album will be played a lot on radio. I have received over 150 emails from radios stations here in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and etc. advising me they will be playing the songs from the new cd. It will be awesome to hear Tanya’s new songs. Kathytanya

  11. This is geat news! Saguaro Road Records made a smart decision to work with Tanya and get her back into the studio. This is a great career move for Tanya. The next record should come early 2010 and something along the lines of Loretta Lynn’s “Van Lear Rose”….deep, dark and all real! Tanya does need to sing pop country or worry about country radio. Like Patty Loveless, she needs her records label and her fans to get the word out about her new material and the fans will be at the shows to hear the new music!!!

  12. Correction: Tanya Tucker does not need to sing pop country or worry about country radio…

  13. Will a single be sent to country radio and if so, how will it be promoted? I miss hearing Tanya on country radio.

  14. Will this CD be widely available in the UK, or at the very least will Amazon’s UK subsidiary stock it?

  15. Definitely, it’ll be available ex-US in both digital and physical formats.

  16. More fantastic news from Saguaro! It’s always a dream come true when one of these great legendary artists surfaces with a project like this. Few people can pull this off. It seems Saguaro knows who they are. The countdown is on :)

  17. Will there be any bonus tracks on the physical or digital versions of this release, depenidng on what retailer it is purchased from? Patty Loveless’ last release had two bonus tracks available through iTunes, and the new Collin Raye release has bonus tracks on the CD version that Walmart is selling.

  18. Hi Razor X,

    The new Tanya album does not include any additional tracks so there will be a general 12-track release everywhere, digital and physical.

    I hope that helps.

  19. Cannot wait for this new release!! I look forward to seeing more from Tanya in the future, as she is the best singer and entertainer in country music, period! All the best to Tanya as she begins yet anoher chapter of her career. Keep those hit records coming!

  20. Who’s the PR person for this project. We want to review it?
    jeff Remz

  21. Who’s handing PR on Tanya’s CD

  22. This is great news.Finally we can hear the number one best singer of all time back on radio again.

  23. Is the CD out June 2 or June 30? Amazon lists it as June 30.

  24. June 30, slight delay.

  25. Many of Tanya’s fans are anticipating a video release from the album ‘My Turn” Will a video be released? Walk Through This World With Me seems to be a favorite.

  26. Possibly, still in discussion. Thanks for your interest.


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