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For artists interested in sending Saguaro Road Records your tracks for possible digital distribution and/or signing, please upload and send via the application below.

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  1. I wrote the song “Fairytale” as a response to Taylor Swift’s “White Horse.” I am a new artist and would appreciate any feedback you might have on the song. I can guarantee that you will like the song. I have only had it online for two weeks and had over 200 plays. This is without any advertising whatsoever. Please let me know what you think.


  2. Hi – we have uploaded the title track from our new self-funded CD “Moving On” on your DropBox.

    We’re a band from the UK, with a great passion for US music – our early inspirations were such great artistes as Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Little Feat, The Band, Steely Dan …. the list goes on :o)

    In more recent years, Julian & Dave (who first played together as teenagers) decided to pull a new band together, following a evening sharing and swopping stories about music that had inspired them.

    They found a common thread in a shared love of Marc Cohn (great to see the story behing his new 70’s album !) – and decided to write some new songs inspired by some of the great music they grew up with – topped up with a few of Marc’s (such as Ghost Train and Rainy Season) … and The Cohen Brothers was formed (with an extra “e” for fun)

    “Moving On” is the title of the album – and its the story of Julian (voc/keys) and Dave (drums) – playing the music we love “back where we came from” – and joined by great new friends and fellow brothers, Sean on guitar and Pete on percussion.

    We hope you love listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it – a little bit of US-inspired music from the UK.

    You can hear the whole album – including the full LP mix of “Moving On” at

    The album project is totally self financed and we are actively looking for publishing and promotion for the album in 2010.

    All the best from The Cohen Brothers xx

  3. Saguaro will check this out. Everyone, check out the Cohen Brothers!

  4. We are a small writing/publishing company. Currently pitching songs by six different writers. Two recent cuts (indy) and one in the oven. Registered with ascap as writer and publisher. Large labels refuse to speak to us. Does Saguaro accept demos from slubs like us? Thank you.

    Alex Stuart
    Under Your Skin Music
    Phoenix, AZ

  5. Thanks Saguaro Road for the opportunity to submit my music. It is hard for people like me to get my tunes out there to someone like you! It’s also great to see the artists from the Country Music Highway doing good. I hope you enjoy them…Lp

  6. Hi,

    I would like to submit a CD & promo package to Saguaro Road Records.
    Great vocalist and songs.


  7. Hey guys I am a counry music artist from Beaumont Texas same town as Mark Chesnutt. I saw on his website that you are his label and I figured if you like his stuff you would like my refreshing new approach at the genre. I feel that if you give my stuff a listen and a chance that might be your next signed artist. I am currently recieving commercial airplay and internet airplay in the US and overseas. I truly believe with your talents and mine that my music could be a hit. It is very radio friendly, no garage band stuff here., just sent you two tracks from my Nashville produced CD. It was recorded on my self owned label MusicSmith Records. Please contact me with any comments good or bad to

  8. Dear Saguaro,

    I have uploaded my newest single “Chevrolet” for your review.

    With no formal distribution, no label and no advertising or promotional budgets, “Chevrolet” is getting a substantial amount of airplay, selling well online and has made its way to over 50,000 fans…and counting! Our grassroots support of the song has been a joy to watch.

    Actually, what led me to your website was a comment about the song from one of the DJs about to put it in rotation. He said “That is a fine piece of music! Reminds me a bit of “Silver Thunderbird” by Marc Cohn.”

    Being a long-time fan of Marc’s (and amazingly, of “Silver Thunderbird”), I was floored and humbled. So I started browsing for his latest stuff and wound up here.

    As for me, I am a long-time Singer/songwriter…lots of road behind me…and hopefully, a career that has given me a colorful palette to pull from in my writing and singing. And at 40, I can say that I realize my options as an artist are limited. But I am content to write music for other artists who can translate those songs into magic, if that’s what must be done to continue to be near what I love to do.

    My hope is that “Chevrolet” may be the catalyst with Saguaro, for that. Please enjoy and contact me at your convenience for additional music, info, questions, etc.

    Have a great day!

    Ricky Fitzpatrick

    “Ricky sounds like James Taylor harmonizing with Jim Croce, doing a song written by John Denver.” –

    “Ricky’s voice is the most relaxing thing since chicken noodle soup.” – Gods of Music

  9. Hello Saguaro, CL here.

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the opportunity to present music for consideration of Distribution. My Cd “Redeemed” was released in April 2010, the response has been overwhelming considering I like most Indie Artist, work from a very limited budget.

    Four Songs in particular have gotten Radio Airplay throught the Northesat! “Redeemed, Survivor, Forgive Me & Rain” The aforementioned are songs from the heart & if given a little push, will surely minister & bless & appeal to the masses!

    I look forward to your reply.






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